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featured projects

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Be a source of inspiration for designers by showcasing our products through your installations. Your installations can help spark creativity in others, driving innovation and excellence. Embrace the opportunity to inspire and be inspired as you contribute to our growing gallery of exceptional projects. From wallcovering to wall panels, we have it all.
Did you know: You can share your installation projects with us and be prominently featured on our website. We value and celebrate exceptional installations, and we can't wait to highlight your unique contribution. Click here to get started.


Roos Showroom
1020 NW 12th Street, Suite H
Deerfield Beach, Florida
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Thank you for your interest in Roos International’s architectural and design materials. Material selection is among the most important decisions an architect or designer can make.

With this in mind, Roos International now offers more innovative specialty architectural and design material product solutions than ever before. As always, every customer interaction comes with the same expert advice you have come to trust and expect from Roos.