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NuMetal� is a collection of HPLs (High Pressure Laminates) with a real metal surface and phenolic paper backing. NuMetal sheets are usually 4� x 8� (4� x 10� available on special order) in Aluminum, Copper, Real Stainless Steel, or Unique Art; featuring embossing, hand painting, etching, and other innovative techniques to enhance the look of metals. High quality design solutions are its trademark. NuMetal is suitable for vertical and light-duty horizontal applications.
ATI distributes NuMetal to hospitality, healthcare and institutional, retail, and commercial design markets. As experts in surfaces that remain abrasion resistant, in addition to performance, NuMetal products meet safety and material standards.

Product Type(s) Available 4ft x 8ft Laminates

Sample Dimension: 3 x 5 in
Price varies depending on the desired finish and quantity.

Finishes: Aluminum