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Digital Infusion

High Definition digitally printed metal laminates

What is Digital Infusion?

Digital Infusion is a high-definition digital print process that provides ultimate image clarity and vibrancy. Images are infused into specialty coated metal surfaces to provide the most durable print medium available.

Features and Benefits:

Aluminium brings out colors not usually seen in images printed on paper or laminate. This process helps designers achieve a unique metallic look with excellent color saturation with the added durability of aluminium. Digital Infusion is great for large-scale installations with such applications as: nameplates, wall panels, ceilings, signage, art or furniture enhancement. Our graphic designers have created more than 130 patterns and additions to the line are being made almost daily. The line up of patterns include wood grains and geometric patterns and the color combinations are endless. Each design can be modified to show more or less metal to achieve the desired look. We can even work with a photograph, your logo, custom pattern or idea making sure no detail is overlooked.

Additional benefits:

Durable: fade, moisture, stain and scratch resistant

Made to order with no minimum quantity

Product Features


Solid sheet aluminum

  • Thickness: 0.030 inch (20 gauge)
  • Sheet Size: 48 7/16” x 96 7/16”
  • Standard Print Area: 4’x8'
  • Finish: Glossy SMG-(style number) and UV Matte SMM-(style number)
  • Custom: (Please contact us for more details.)

All pattern colors can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Custom solid colors are available upon request.

Custom logos or prints must be 300dpi at 100%.

File types accepted: .jpg, .psd, .ai, .pdf, .tiff.


Due to monitor capability and color calibrations, actual colors may vary. Pattern size and proportion may also vary in an effort to make the pattern visible online. All images are edited to show the samples as life-like as possible. We cannot guarantee that the color or pattern proportion you see online accurately portrays the true color/size of the product. We recommend that you order complimentary samples to verify color and pattern size.

Areas of the pattern that are white will show through to the silver metal.

Forescolor can be universally applied with any of these collections.
Carved Screens by Interlam
Resonance by Acoustical Art Concepts
Art Diffusion and Elements by Interlam
Panel diagram for vertical installation
Panel diagram for Horizontal installation
Storage and Installation Conditions
This video describes the desired conditions during the temporary storage (48 hours acclimatization) and the actual installation of the Clicwall panels. Four possible substructures for attaching Clicwall are also described.
Installation Instructions
In this video you can discover how a complete wall is covered with Clicwall from the corner of the room. We show the different possibilities to attach Clicwall to the substructure and how you need to add expansion joints.
Finishing & Accessories
This video focuses on finishing the wall so that the necessary expansion joints are no longer visible. You get an overview of the different options from the accessory range and how it can be used.
Resonance Cloud Baffles
Standard sizes and standard shapes. Choose from several different shapes, with or without beveling, for a great look and quick shipping.
Circle Cloud Baffle
The Circle Cloud Baffle has standard sizes of 48" and 24". The clouds measure (at a minimum) 9mm in thickness. They are available in all Resonance Acoustic Colors.
Hexagon Cloud Baffle
The Hexagon Cloud Baffle has standard sizes of 48" and 24". The clouds measure (at a minimum) 9mm in thickness. They are available in all Resonance Acoustic Colors.
Square and Rectangle Cloud Baffle
Square Cloud Baffles can be a maximum size of 48"x48" and Rectangle Cloud Baffles have a maximum size of 48"x96".  The clouds measure (at a minimum) 9mm in thickness. They are available in all Resonance Acoustic Colors. Beveled edges are optional.
• Lip around full perimeter of each tile

• Ideal for installation where tiles can be rotated

• 23 5/8" x 23 5/8" x 13/16"  Exact size
• Lip around full perimeter of each tile  

• Tile designed specifically for ceiling grid installation

•  Protruding slat extends beyond the grid system

• 23 5/8" x 23 5/8" x 13/16"

• Support added to avoid sagging when installed
• Lip added to two sides to allow for unique transitions

• Tile designed to be installed as a wall panel

• 23 5/8" x 23 5/8" x 13/16"


Side view

Each panel is wrapped on 3 sides in solid colors and natural patterns. Click on each pattern to view the side detail up close.

available patterns

downloads & resources

Available colors

EzoBord 3/8" (9m)
EzoBord 1/2" (12mm)


order samples

Digital Infusion
firsthand by requesting a sample. If you are curious about its look, texture, and overall feel, samples will provide you with the opportunity to explore its characteristics.
Note: Metal Screens are sampled in a full sized 4 x 8' blueprint paper sheet.


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