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The 3-Dimensional and Directional Baffle System

Amplitude is an expansive 3-dimensional modular, acoustic ceiling baffle system that exudes personality. It can extend linearly in two directions with various finish options within recessed or flush ceiling applications. Patterned to create that grand entrance, Amplitude is designed to adorn large areas including theatres, banquet halls, corporate lobbies, and educational centers.

Amplitude comes in two patterns. Weave embraces ceiling structures with an oscillating pattern that generates an intersecting ripple effect that can be repeated to generously extend its coverage over an entire ceiling. Wave arches and rises and then descends uniformly to deliver a streamlined pattern effect. Both can be outfitted inside of bulkheads or applied to open ceiling applications, in modular applications, or wall to wall spans. Made with lightweight and sustainable EzoBord material that is acoustically optimized to support voice clarity, Amplitude provides textured relief by bridging the gap between thin profile baffle systems and large flat panel products.

Installation of the Amplitude system is fast and easy, as it is designed to mount directly onto any conventional T bar ceiling grid system. Its lightweight design means that it can be installed with minimal disruption to the space and can be easily reconfigured if needed. With its superior acoustics, fire-resistant properties, and versatility, the Amplitude 3-dimensional acoustical ceiling system is a must-have for anyone looking to create a functional and visually stunning environment.

Sound Absorption Performance

Sound absorption performance depends on mounting and installation conditions, material thickness, pattern & style, the following image represents the rating of the suspended baffle.

Product Features


  • 100% pet (min. %50 recycled content)
  • Variation in fiber mix and color may occur. All products will be supplied within commercial tolerances.
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Tackable, impact resistant, bacteria resistant, moisture resistant, installation-friendly.
Forescolor can be universally applied with any of these collections.
Carved Screens by Interlam
Resonance by Acoustical Art Concepts
Art Diffusion and Elements by Interlam
Panel diagram for vertical installation
Panel diagram for Horizontal installation
Storage and Installation Conditions
This video describes the desired conditions during the temporary storage (48 hours acclimatization) and the actual installation of the Clicwall panels. Four possible substructures for attaching Clicwall are also described.
Installation Instructions
In this video you can discover how a complete wall is covered with Clicwall from the corner of the room. We show the different possibilities to attach Clicwall to the substructure and how you need to add expansion joints.
Finishing & Accessories
This video focuses on finishing the wall so that the necessary expansion joints are no longer visible. You get an overview of the different options from the accessory range and how it can be used.
Resonance Cloud Baffles
Standard sizes and standard shapes. Choose from several different shapes, with or without beveling, for a great look and quick shipping.
Circle Cloud Baffle
The Circle Cloud Baffle has standard sizes of 48" and 24". The clouds measure (at a minimum) 9mm in thickness. They are available in all Resonance Acoustic Colors.
Hexagon Cloud Baffle
The Hexagon Cloud Baffle has standard sizes of 48" and 24". The clouds measure (at a minimum) 9mm in thickness. They are available in all Resonance Acoustic Colors.
Square and Rectangle Cloud Baffle
Square Cloud Baffles can be a maximum size of 48"x48" and Rectangle Cloud Baffles have a maximum size of 48"x96".  The clouds measure (at a minimum) 9mm in thickness. They are available in all Resonance Acoustic Colors. Beveled edges are optional.
• Lip around full perimeter of each tile

• Ideal for installation where tiles can be rotated

• 23 5/8" x 23 5/8" x 13/16"  Exact size
• Lip around full perimeter of each tile  

• Tile designed specifically for ceiling grid installation

•  Protruding slat extends beyond the grid system

• 23 5/8" x 23 5/8" x 13/16"

• Support added to avoid sagging when installed
• Lip added to two sides to allow for unique transitions

• Tile designed to be installed as a wall panel

• 23 5/8" x 23 5/8" x 13/16"


Side view

Each panel is wrapped on 3 sides in solid colors and natural patterns. Click on each pattern to view the side detail up close.

available patterns

downloads & resources

Available colors

EzoBord 3/8" (9m)
EzoBord 1/2" (12mm)


order samples

firsthand by requesting a sample. If you are curious about its look, texture, and overall feel, samples will provide you with the opportunity to explore its characteristics.
Note: Metal Screens are sampled in a full sized 4 x 8' blueprint paper sheet.


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