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Resonance | A New Acoustical Collection

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Acoustical Art Concepts Resonance Collection

Resonance | A New Acoustical Collection

Ideal Sound performance for every space

Resonance | A new collection from Acoustical Art Concepts

Sound and acoustics are two of the most important and most overlooked factors when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for areas where people will be communicating and interacting. The Resonance® Collection offers a practical and beautifully modern acoustical solution. The combination of form and function found in Resonance® panels and screens is second to none!

Whether you are looking to soften the acoustics in a meeting room, make an impression in the reception area, or create a private work space within an open office—the Resonance® Collection has it all.

Product Features:

  • Available in 13 colors, high quality printing is best achieved in white
  • Dimensions: Sizes up to 4′ x 8′
  • Thickness:  9 mm
  • Fire Rating: Class A

Resonance Acoustic

Solid PET Panels

  • Panel formed by hot-pressing (colored) PET fiber to produce 9mm (or 12mm) sheets of various color choices
  • Unique properties of this non-woven fabric give it a non-directional texture with uniform color throughout the panel
  • Available in 13 standard colors
Acoustical Art Concepts Resonance Acoustic

Resonance Art

custom printed panels

  • Provides a versatile canvas for designers to achieve dramatic visuals
  • Decorative and affordable options for walls and acoustical barriers
  • Allows you to add an extra layer of color, pattern or an image to any commercial design
Acoustical Art Concepts digital wall printing

Resonance Embossed

Ceiling Tiles

  • Is a solid color or printed tiles
  • Provides decorative and affordable options for traditional designs
  • Sized and cut to be installed in standard metal or vinyl lay-in ceiling grids
  • Can be printed after embossing!
Acoustical Art Concepts Embossed Ceilings

Resonance Inlay

Resonance Panel & MDF Screen

  • A Resonance panel pattern cut individually and inserted into a carved piece of MDF/ForesColor
  • Carved piece of MDF/ForesColor prevents the Resonance Panel from sagging over time (giving structure) and the Resonance Panel inlays create bass traps where the sound is absorbed
Acoustical Art Concepts Resonance Inlay

Resonance One

Resonance Panel & Screen

  • Combines Resonance Screens and Resonance Acoustic panels (two or more pieces of PET)
  • Process: (1) Select pattern from Resonance Screens (Custom designs welcome) (2) Select colors for both screen and inserts (Selecting two colors creates a three dimensional, free formed and integrated design)
Acoustical Art Concepts Resonance One

Resonance Two

Resonance Panel & Screen - Solid or Digitally Printed

  • Combines a Resonance Screen with a Resonance Acoustic solid color or digitally printed panel
  • Screen is placed in front of the solid or digitally printed panel
  • Creates a unique texture and giving unparalled acoustic properties
Acoustical Art Concepts Resonance Two

Resonance Screens

Thru-cut Screen Designs

  • Created using one Resonance Panel with a thru-cut screen design
  • Perfect for dividing spaces to create a visual boundary
  • Can be made in different colors and patterns as well as custom patterns for corporate branding
Acoustical Art Concepts Resonance Screens

Resonance V-Carved

Carved Resonance Panel

  • Gives depth, dimension to a flat Resonance Panel
  • Can add a two tone look that can be combined with any style or design
Acoustical Art Concepts Resonance V-Carved

Resonance Ceiling & Wall Tiles

Resonance Tiles - Solid or Digitally Printed

  • Available in any Resonance Acoustic colors
  • Tiles offered in a variety of shapes
  • Perfect for restaurants, bars, and home theaters

Resonance Baffles

Resonance Baffles - Solid or Digitally Printed

  • Available in all Resonance Acoustic colors
  • Sizes vary with various pattern options
Ezobord Acoustics

What makes Resonance the ideal choice for an acoustical solution?

Available in 13 colors, high quality printing is best achieved in white

Dimensions: Sizes up to 4′ x 8′