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Obersound Actions 5.5

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Obersound Actions 5.5

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Obersound Actions 5.5

6 perforated designs that can be modified

Superior sound control with the beauty of natural wood remains an invaluable tool for designers and architects when dealing with acoustical challenges. But what about pattern modification? Obersound’s newest collection, Actions 5.5, offers just the thing! This acoustical solution is comprised of 6 perforated designs that can be modified, allowing you to scale, shift, and redirect the pattern to fit your design vision.

Product Features:

  • Perforated patterns which can be modified, allowing you to scale, shift, and redirect the pattern
  • Resistant to stains, impact, scratches, and abrasion
  • High UV resistance and can be Class A fire rated
  • NRC values according to pattern
  • Raw materials of PEFC and FSC (mixed sources) certified
  • Applications: wall and ceiling panels
  • Available in standard panels sizes: 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 10′
Obersound Actions 5-5 Strech
Obersound Actions 5-5 Grease
Obersound Actions 5-5 Shake
Obersound Actions 5-5 Compose
Obersound Actions 5-5 Erase
Obersound Actions 5-5 Blow

Easy Peasy design process

This new tool lets you explore all the Obersound acoustic solutions that can be combined with Oberflex real wood laminate collections. Start experimenting!

Create your models using the configurator

Select your patterns and mix and match them with over 160 different surfaces

Create your Materials library

File your creations in a personal library.

Download your models and data sheets

Download the HD images and technical information

Start experimenting