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New Novelio® Acoustiver

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Acoustiver Inspiration Hotel Lobby

New Novelio® Acoustiver

NEW Novelio® Acoustiver paintable acoustical wallcovering

Looks like wallcovering, performs like an acoustical solution.

Transform ordinary walls and ceilings into a remarkable sound absorbing decorative surface with Novelio® Acoustiver paintable textures. This unique acoustical solution reduces unwanted noise and enhances a room’s acoustical performance with its sound absorption capabilities for commercial or residential projects.

This glass fiber acoustical wallcovering has a fleece backing, specifically designed for improving acoustical comfort and absorbing up to 40% of noise pollution. Choose from four stylish textures and know the real beauty is in its noise reduction features, as well as eco-friendly green features of meeting Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles of no harmful substances, and repainting when it is time to redecorate.

Weaving T1013CY

Novelio Acoustiver Weaving T1013CY

Matches Novelio Weaving T1010

Novelio Acoustiver Inspirational Photo
Photo shown for inspirational purposes.

Braid T1009CY

Novelio Acoustiver Inspiration Conference Room 2
Photo shown for inspirational purposes.
Novelio Acoustiver T1009CY Braid

Matches Novelio Braid T1009

Crepi T3011CY

Novelio Acoustiver T3011CY Crepi

Matches Novelio Crèprine N0710

Acoustiver Inspiration Office Lunch Room
Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore (Shown for inspirational purposes)

Smooth GV190CY

Novelio Acoustiver Inspiration Photo
Photo shown for inspirational purposes.
Novelio Acoustiver GV190CY Smooth

Matches Novelio GV250CR, GV130CF, GV130CM

What makes Acoustiver the ideal choice for an acoustical solution?

  • NRC rating of .25 or better
  • Reduces echoes and absorbs up to 40% of noise pollution
  • Can be Class A fire rated
  • Easy to install
  • Covers some irregular wall surfaces
  • Paintable – has white top coat and is ready to paint
  • Don’t replace, just repaint with a fresh new color
  • Solutions for commercial & residential spaces
  • Roll size: 39.37’’ wide x 21.87 yds. long and covers approx. 215.30 sq. ft.
  • Thickness: 1/8th inch/3mm approx.
Novelio Acoustiver Tip Card