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Eco Domo | Leather Surfacing & Fabrication

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Eco Domo | Leather Surfacing & Fabrication

Leather Surfacing & Fabrication

From Floor to Ceiling and everything in between.

Ecodomo Recycled Leather Veneer can be integrated anywhere in interiors instead of wood veneer. A sustainable, resilient universal surface material composed with a resin top-coat delivers stain, wear and water resistance.

EcoDomo re-thinks Leather

EcoDomo re-thinks leather by combining techniques across the printing, woodworking, laminate, and leather industries to offer unique, cost-effective solutions for your commercial or residential interior design projects. EcoDomo Recycled Leather Veneers are structurally comparable to hardwoods for durability and maintenance.

EcoDomo’s fabrication enables designers to create stunning components and elements not only for floors but also for doors, walls, furniture, cabinetry, casework and more.

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Infinity Doors & Drawers

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Color Matching


Doors & Stairs


Wall Panels & Tiles


Stitched Tiles & Panels

Leather flooring installation at Spyder in Boulder, CO

Leather Floors


Re-purposed Belt Panels



2 New Collections

The Naked Leather Collection

The Shagreen Collection

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