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Established in 1990

Custom Digital Printing on Woven Textures

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Paintable Glass Textile Wallcovering Project - Digital Print - Regency Condo

Custom Digital Printing on Woven Textures

Custom Digital Printing

On Texturglas, Mold-X, and Acoustiver

Advantages to Digital Printing on Glass Textile Wallcovering

  • Various custom design & color possibilities
  • Only print the amount that you need
  • Affordable alternative to traditional wallpaper
  • Provides extra durability to drywall
  • Easy to install

Image Requirements

  • Artwork prepared in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop preferred
  • Convert all images from RGB to CMYK
  • Call us for more information on specific images

Patterns Available For Digital Printing Shown Below

(Note: The artwork shown is not for sale. Images are conceptual and used for illustrative purposes only.)

Texturglas Patterns

TGP3-digital print


TGP4-digital print2


Mold-X Pattern

TGP4-digital print


Acoustiver - Acoustic Patterns

T3011CY-digital print

Crepi T3011CY

GV190-digital print

Smooth GV190

T1013CY-digital print

Weaving T1013CY