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Established in 1990

ClicWall Interior Wall Cladding

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ClicWall Interior Wall Cladding

A Revolutionary New Interior Wall Cladding System

Now distributed by Roos International

Quick and Easy Installation

Scratch Resistant

Tests shown to be 4 times better than painted alternatives, ideal for intensively used environments.

Impact Resistant

Achieves an impact resistance up to 20N, clear improvement over traditional wall claddings (5n).

Easy to Clean

The melamine surface is dirt-repellent and can also be easily cleaned, guaranteed high-level hygiene.

Bring your projects to life with ClicWall Paint Customizable panel.

ClicWall Paint is a melamine-faced and non-structural MDF board with a “Click” profile and a high-quality white paint grade film. Perfect for a custom print or suitable for a cost/time-saving paint finish!

Get Up Close and Personal

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but we think seeing is believing and feeling is even better!

Request a sample of our new ClicWall panels today, you can also view our collections available from stock!