Roos International Ltd. is committed to being your knowledgeable and responsive materials supplier to meet the changing needs of our customers in the architectural and design industry, not only in Florida, but across North America as well as our customers in other countries that we serve.

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Established in 1990


Leaders in Specialty Surfacing Materials: The Roos Story
From Sweden to North America to offer unique eco-friendly wallcoverings
Roos’ current owners began offering imported glass textile wallcoverings and interior products that were relatively unknown in North America.
Roos International is born and relocates to Florida
1990: Roos International Ltd. Inc. formed in Arizona, USA.
1992: The Roos Power Duo, Dich and Deborah, purchased the U.S. headquarters in Florida of a Swedish worldwide leading brand of glass textile wallcoverings, and continued to pioneer this product in North America.
1997 - 1999
Roos International introduces proprietary brands
  • Introduced their own brand of glass textile wallcovering under the name of TEXTURGLAS, a System Solution for Walls. Created NOVAGLASS Border Collection, a new concept of printing on glass textile wallcoverings for the hospitality industry. Both brands offered unique solutions to mold and mildew issues, and were sold throughout North America.
  • Pioneered first PVC-free commercial polyester cellulose non-woven wallcoverings in North America.
  • Became exclusive distributor in North America of MOMENT non-woven wallcovering for commercial residential projects.
2000 - 2005
Progressive development of eco-friendly wallcoverings
  • Began distributing VITRULAN glass textile wallcoverings.
  • Developed ENVISON Portfolio Collection wallcoverings made of a non-woven substrate for the contract market, and distributed worldwide.
  • Developed VERASTONE, a handcrafted faux finish wallcovering collection, which was distributed worldwide.
  • Developed YAHGI Grasscloths and Naturals Wallcovering Collection for contract market and distributed worldwide.
  • Became distributor of WESTLAKE Grasscloths and Naturals Wallcoverings including silks, strings, jutes and paperweaves.
  • Roos introduced to North America a new eco-friendly, potato starch base, non-staining powder adhesive, ECOFIX from Sweden. EcoFix is specially formulated for glass textile wallcoverings, non-wovens, delicate old English pulp papers, and silk and fabric wallcoverings.
2006 - 2009
Transitioning into broader surfacing material options
  • Became exclusive distributors of NOVELIO glass textile wallcovering in North America.
  • Became exclusive Florida distributor for INTERLAM Architectural Panels.
  • Became exclusive Florida distributor for CRAFTWOOD and FRIENDLY HARVEST Wood Veneer Wallcoverings.
  • Became exclusive Florida distributor for ATI Architectural Products.
  • Developed PRIMO, a propriety brand of faux leather coverings sold throughout North America.
  • Became exclusive representative for the Italian DANI LEATHER coverings in the East Coast.
2010 - 2013
New showroom and further expansion
  • Roos International established a Trade-Only Boutique Showroom at its corporate office in Deerfield Beach, Florida.
  • Became exclusive Florida distributor for LAB DESIGN Laminates.
  • Became the exclusive representative group in Florida for BENDHEIM Architectural Glass.
2014 - 2016
Rebranding and positioning as Leaders in Specialty Surfacing Material
  • Became exclusive representative in Florida for KIREI Green Sustainable Building Materials.
  • Became exclusive representative in Florida for JM LIFESTYLES decorative concrete.
  • Became exclusive representatives for SEEYOND Architectural Solutions Panels.
  • Became exclusive distributor for OBERFLEX Real Wood Laminates and OBERSOUND Acoustical Wood Panels.
  • Began distributing GIARDINI Italian Wallcovering Collection in Florida.
  • Developed proprietary NU-DOOR Facings, a peel-and-stick resurfacing laminate and sold throughout North America.
  • Became exclusive distributor for DIMENSIONAL ACOUSTICS in Florida.
  • Launched new website to portray the rebranding of Roos International from a specialty wallcoverings company to a true Leader in Specialty Architectural and Design Materials.

Roos International functions as a manufacturer/converter with its own brands, and serves as a distributor and sales representative group for well-known branded specialty products. We also offer our Preferred Contractors Network to assure the best possible installations of our products that we sell. Roos International has worldwide network of sources and customers.