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Established in 1990
Texturglas Architectural Wall Finishes


  • Reinforces new drywall for enhanced durability
  • Resurfaces problem walls without replacing them
  • Reduces formation of mold and mildew

Texturglas Designer Collection

Designer Collection

  • Unique, distinctive textures
  • Decorative jacquard textures
  • + High performance features

Texturglas Wall Restoration System

Wall Restoration System

  • Underlayment for wallcovering
  • Available in a variety of weights
  • Cover up for more difficult to hide problem surfaces

Texturglas Sound Control


  • Absorbs unwanted noise
  • Enhances a room’s acoustical performance
  • Decorative textures with unlimited colors

Texturglas Paintable Wallcovering Roll

Texturglas® is designed to be painted in the latest fashion forward paint colors. The finish coating is the key to the system allowing the specifier to control the performance. Either basic latex, acrylic, epoxy, or exciting new metallic, pearlescent, multicolor, glaze finishes and even faux finishes can be used.

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Architectural Wall Finishes

The Texturglas® Architectural Wall Finish System is Finish System is perfect for new construction or renovation.

Roll Size: 39″ x 54 yard bolts = 538 sq.ft.

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Texturglas Architectural Wall Finishes

Durable, high performance wall finishes for new construction or renovation

Texturglas Paintable Wallcovering Renovation

With only minor surface preparation, Glass Textile can strengthen, stabilize and renovate deteriorated wall surfaces. It also adds new life to outdated surfaces including wood paneling, masonry, brick, stucco, plaster, and ceramic tile. Most patterns can easily bridge cracks and hide minor surface imperfections.

Texturglas Paintable Wallcovering

The Texturglas® Wall Finish System allows the walls to breathe and does not contribute to the formation of mold and mildew. The combination of Glass Textile and a latex paint with mildew inhibitors provide a highly functional, decorative and durable wall treatment that can save thousands of renovation dollars.

See Applications for Renovation or New Construction & New Life For Problem Walls Below


The Texturglas® Architectural Wall Finish patterns have a very long life, are easy to maintain, can be renewed by repainting, can reinforce the walls for durability, and resurface the walls without replacing. In projects where redecorating is required every 5 to 7 years, Glass Textile offers very favorable life cycle costs.

Texturglas Designer Collection

Designer Collection

The Texturglas® Designer Collection features unique, decorative woven jacquard textures. Easy to install and paint with two coats of paint. When it is time to redecorate, simply repaint in the latest fashion forward paint colors. The Designer Collection offers all of the benefits and features of the Architectural Wall Finish System for new construction or renovation.

Roll Size: 39″ x 32 yard bolts = 318 sq. ft.

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Texturglas Sound Control

Sound Control System

Acoustiver Paintable Acoustical Wallcovering

Acoustiver paintable textures for walls and ceilings reduce unwanted noise and enhances a room’s acoustical performance with its sound absorption capabilities for commercial or residential projects. Acoustiver is a glass fiber wallcovering with a fleece backing and is designed to be painted after installation. 

Textures below are displayed painted as this acoustical wallcovering must be painted after installation. Samples and acoustical wallcovering are unfinished.

Tip Card

Test Results - Water Vapor Transmission

Novelio Acoustiver Inspiration Photo
Novelio Acoustiver Weaving T1013CY
Weaving T1013CY
  • Displayed with Fleece Backing
Novelio Acoustiver Braid T1009CY
Braid T1009CY
  • Displayed with Fleece Backing
Novelio Acoustiver T3011CY Crepi
Crepi T3011CY
  • Displayed with Fleece Backing
Novelio Acoustiver GV190CY Smooth
Smooth GV190CY
  • Displayed with Fleece Backing

Roll Size

39.37’’ wide x 21.87 yds. long and covers approx. 215.30 sq. ft.


1/8th inch/3mm approx.

Easy to Install

Apply adhesive to the wall; butt-join each length, no edge trimming required; use a plastic smoother and do not use a seam roller.

The System Offers:

NRC rating of .25 or better

Reduces echoes and absorbs up to 40% of noise pollution

Can be Class A fire rated

Easy to install

Covers some irregular wall surfaces

Paintable – has white top coat and is ready to paint

Don’t replace, just repaint with a fresh new color

Acoustiver Graph Acoustic Absorption
Texturglas Wall Restoration System

Wall Restoration Systems

Composed of a non-woven glass fiber mat that cn be used as a reinforcement material for a smooth painted finish, or as a wallcovering lineer to minimize wall repair. Select from 3 weights/thicknesses. Will not shrink stretch or deteriorate. Note: Sold by the bolt only.

Non woven glass mat can be installed over rough walls to minimize wall repair. Recommended to test an area using a piece of the material to determine if it will cover up the surface. Some wall prep may be required depending on the uneveness of the surface. The glass fiber mat does not shrink, stretch or deteriorate, and is dimensionally stable during the hanging process.

Texturglas Wall Restoration GV45

Roll Size: 39″ x 54 yard bolt = 538 Sq. Ft.

Texturglas Wall Restoration GV250

Roll Size: 39″ x 16 yard bolt = 159 Sq. Ft.

Instructions for GV45 and GV250
Texturglas Wall Restoration BL650

Roll Size: 39″ x 10.9 yard bolts = 106 Sq. Ft.

BL650 Ultratap Instructions

ULTRATAP Block Liner, is a latex coated, non-woven fiberglass substrate for walls and ceilings. It is applied like a conventional wallcovering
and can be used as a bridging material under wallcoverings, knockdown texture, or as a paintable surface.
ULTRATAP covers block, tile, knockdown texture, plaster, cracks, paneling, brick, damaged drywall, or other problem surfaces. For
renovation, it becomes an economical and time saving alternative to skim coating.

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