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Established in 1990
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Octolam Antibacterial Laminates

Antibacterial High Pressure Laminates

80% of bacteria and viruses are transmitted by contact with hands and contaminated surfaces. Our Sanitized®-treated HPL Laminates are ideal for wall coverings in public places, where bacteria would usually be able to rapidly develop in this environment. Infection risk is not only restricted to hospital environments. Hygiene is a major concern in all public places such as Hotels, Transport, Educational facilities, Retirement homes. Our anti-Bacterial Laminate products provide all of your interior fitting projects with increased protection.

The antibacterial protection is integrated within the material in order to assure protection throughout its lifecycle. This biocidal additive does not affect the technical and aesthetic performance of our HPL products. The silver ions encapsulated in glass balls are activated when entering into contact with humidity. They kill surface bacteria and block the cell division process, thus reducing bacteria proliferation. The Ag+ ion-based Sanitized® treatment is a non-migratory inorganic solution that is not modified with time. Unlike synthetic and organic antimicrobial substances, such as Triclosan, silver is a non-toxic molecule.

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Octolam’s Sanitized®-treated laminate products are suitable for the fitting of treatment areas, operating rooms, clean rooms, and other types of institutional shared areas.

Wood Patterns

Octopus Products is proud to announce the introduction of an extensive range of Octolam Plastic Laminates that demonstrate proven antibacterial qualities.

Click on the photo to enlarge.
997 Champagne Pearlwood
991PF Silver Bouleau (51×120″)
1091 Cream Cherry
260 Larch
261 Elite Cambric
262 Recycled Teak
993PF Hazelwood (51×120″)
944 Applewood Dark
988PF Antilope (51×120″)
959 Natural Olive
999 Van Nefis Walnut ANTIBACTERIAL
958 Beige Jacaranda
994PF Hazelwood Brown (51×120″)
248 Colet Teak Suede
538 PF Fruit Wood (51×120″)
998 Pide Nefis Walnut
1093 Saltillo Ziricote
534 PF Moka Zebra Matte (51×120″)
238 Coat Cherry Suede
256 PF Brown Oak Horizontal (51×120″)
227 Arabian Recon Natural
263 Refined Hemlock
462 Chocolate Walnut (51×120″)
943 Faux Ebony
532 Cocoa Oak Matte (51×120″)
995 Tris Althea
947 Sandy Palm
225 Wenge Natural
226 Arabian Recon Gloss
236 Coco Larch Gloss
1000 Tan Nefis Walnut
NEW – 1143 Nagoya Maple
951 Mistral
1095 Kotogem Grey
1026PF Pepper Wenge (51×120″)
1094 Ahigal Walnut
957 Bavarian Ash Grey
949 Selva Cremoso
1025PF White Wenge (51×120″) ANTIBACTERIAL


Octopus Products is proud to announce the introduction of an extensive range of Octolam Plastic Laminates that demonstrate proven antibacterial qualities.

Click on the photo to enlarge.
155 White Matt
GL155 Gloss White
154 Off White Matt
GL154 Off White Gloss
935 Blood Red Suede
936 Blood Red Gloss
961 Classic Orange Suede
978 Lime Green Suede
984 Cortez Blue Suede
981 Royal Blue Suede
GL100 Gloss Black
101 Black Suede
731PF Silver Pearlescent (51×120″)
727PF Graphite Pearlescent (51×120″)
732PF Silver Pearlescent Gloss (51×120″)
728PF Graphite Pearlescent Gloss 51×120″
737PF Caviar (51×120″)
986PF Black Denim (51×120″)
541 Corteza White (51×120″)
Octolam 963 Classic Orange LS
550 Corteza Olive (51×120″)
546 Corteza Sandstone (51×120″)
549 Corteza Black (51×120″)
1092 Sierra Marble
245 Raw Silk Creme
246 Raw Silk Silver
247 Raw Silk Copper
989PF Grey Textus (51×120″)
987PF Sand Oxide (51×120″)
241 White Tulip Gloss
919 Snakeskin White
920 Snakeskin Black
921 Snakeskin Red

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