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Established in 1990
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Oberflex Antimicrobial Surfaces

Antimicrobial Laminates

The high resistance Oberflex finish is applied to all natural wood species of the Prestige d’Oberflex collection as well as the solid colors of the PurePaper Color collection. The Oberflex finish is well-known for its aesthetic qualities paired with its surface resistance which follows EN 438 Standard requirements.

Product Features:

  • Non-proliferation of eventual bacterias (whether the surface is wet or dry)
  • Easy clean-ability
  • Resistance to cleaning detergents without alteration of the surface

Oberflex finish goes beyond its aethetic and resistance qualities. Its non-porous structure and its hardness bring anti-microbial properties to the decorative panels, tested and approved by the sanitary and scientific communities and participate to the Indoor Air Quality.

As part of its environmentally conscious approach, Oberflex has been performing measurements of emissions of indoor volatile substances (VOC) of its products on a regular basis. These measurements are performed in compliance with the NF EN ISO 16000-9 standard and led to an A+ rating on “Indoor air emissions”. This means that the Oberflex products emit very limited to no VOC.

Choose from the following collections

  • Real wood veneer laminates
  • Oberflex High Resistance finish applied to all laminates
  • 95 colors available
  • 25 handpicked colors
  • 8 original, geometric, and plant-like patterns
  • Extra matte finish

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