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Paintable Glass
Textile Wallcovering

Innovative • Sustainable
High Performance

Installing: Novelio Wallcovering


The Advantages of paintable glass

textile wallcoverings

  • Novelio has been specially developed by SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS and is the perfect solution to dress walls in elegant textures with high-performance features of extreme durability while also being eco-friendly. These decorative and problem-solving features meet all your requirements for commercial or residential projects, and for renovation or new construction.
  • Additional features:
  • – Variety of paintable woven textures and smooth nonwoven substrates – unlimited color options
  • – Eco-friendly – PVC free certified by Oekotex standard 100 for no harmful substances
    – Reinforces surfaces and covers cracks so efficiently
    – Highly durable and impact resistant
    – Long life cycle – will not shrink, stretch or deteriorate
    – Excellent fire resistance – Class A
    – Naturally breathable to reduce risk of mold and mildew
    – Repaintable instead of replacing when time to redecorate
    – NEW Clean Air Technology removes formaldehyde from the air
    – NEW Mold-X Technology prevents mold and mildew growth
    – Beauty that’s more than skin deep
    – Ideal for new construction
    – New life for old walls
    – Easy to install
    – Reduces maintenance costs
    – Contributes to LEED v4
    – Beats fire standards
    – Sustainable new technology
    – Stocked in North America
    – Economical


What Makes Novelio products better than regular wallcovering or just paint?

  • No other wall covering can reinforce the wall surface so efficiently. Covers existing cracks, preventing them from expanding with minimum surface preparation. Novelio is breathable to prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Novelio wallcoverings offer a durable and long lasting wall protection system, reducing costs for maintenance and keeping their initial aspect for a long time. It can be repainted as many times as needed without loss of their mechanical and decorative properties.

Novelio Collections

Classic, Decoration, Clean Air, Mold-X & Renovation

  • Novelio® paintable glass textile wallcoverings are designed with high performance and sustainability features in mind as a commercial wallcovering. They can also contribute to LEEDv4, are made of all natural Silica-based materials, PVC Free, and are Certified by Oekotex for no harmful substances. The collection includes a variety of elegant and timeless textures or smooth surfaces. Ideal for commercial and residential applications. Designed to be painted after installation. Highly durable, long life cycle, and will not shrink, stretch or deteriorate. Easy to install. Class A fire rated. New, innovative Clean Air and Mold-X technology.
  • Available exclusively through Roos International LTD Inc., in USA.

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ASTM E84 Fire Rating


Tech Data PDF

T1013C Tech Data PDF

How to Install

Safety Data Sheet

AIA/CSI Specification Long Form

Mold-X Brochure

CleanAir Brochure

Application Guidelines

Intertek Fire Test 1 - Non Woven Glass Fiber

Intertek Fire Test 2 - Woven Glass Textile

Novelio Paintbrush Roll

Paintable and re-paintable in any color and any paint finish.


Novelio OEKO-TEX


Novelio Excellent Fire Resistance



Novelio Emissions in indoor Air


Novelio Classic

Timeless paintable textures

  • Bolt size: 39″ wide by 54 yds long
  • Designs are displayed painted as this wallcovering must be painted after installation. Samples and wallcovering are unfinished. 
Novelio Classic T1009 Braid
Braid T1009
Novelio Classic T2004 Fishbone
Fishbone T2004
Novelio Classic T1010 Weaving
Weaving T1010
Novelio Classic N0101 Ceiling
Ceiling N0101
Novelio Classic T2007 Lozenge
Lozenge T2007
Novelio Classic T1030 Small Caro
Small Caro T1030
Novelio Classic T2002 Domino
Domino T2002

Novelio Decoration

Stylish paintable Designs

  • Bolt size: 39″ wide by 32 yds long
  • Designs are displayed painted as this wallcovering must be painted after installation. Samples and wallcovering are unfinished. 
Novelio Decoration Small Lozenge N0062
Small Lozenge N0062
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Novelio Decoration Entreline N0720
Entreline N0720
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Novelio Decoration Crosine N0550
Crosine N0550
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Novelio Decoration Losine N0730
Losine N0730
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Novelio Decoration Grèsine N0700
Grèsine N0700
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Novelio Decoration Palm N4860
Palm N4860
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Novelio Decoration Crèprine N0710
Crèprine N0710
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Novelio Decoration Undulation N4875
Undulation N4875
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Sanitary. Sustainable. Surprisingly Affordable.

Novelio Renovation

Offers a smooth finished surface

  • Novelio Renovation is a heavy duty non-woven, a smooth substrate that can be used as a liner under conventional wallcoverings or can be painted for a smooth finish. Glass textiles made into a heavy-duty non-woven smooth substrate veil and prepainted. This pre-painted product saves one layer of paint during application and 1 day of paint drying time. Requires finish coat of paint after installation when adhesive thoroughly dry. Can be used alone to cover small to medium size cracks and irregular surfaces, or used as a liner under conventional wall coverings. This Renovation product still offers durable protection to walls and ceilings by reinforcing the surfaces; resisting abrasion; providing impact resistance, and covering cracks, and can easily be repainted when time to redecorate. Suitable for residential or commercial projects whether new construction or renovation.
  • Bolt size: 39″ wide by 16.5 yds long
  • Designs are displayed painted as this wallcovering must be painted after installation. Samples and wallcovering are unfinished. 
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Novelio Renovation Flatty GV250CR
Flatty GV250CR


Easy to apply

No special tools or techniques required

Novelio How to Install

1. Cut to length according to room height (+2” – 4”).


2. Apply the Heavy Duty Clear Adhesive evenly on the wall using a 3/4`` nap roller (0.66 oz/sqft, +/- 10%).


3. Place the wall covering strip on the wall vertically and smooth it with a plastic spatula.


4. Place the adjacent strip edge to edge (respect vertical pattern repeat). Repeat steps, 1, 2, and 3, with other strips until you have finished the room.


5. Cut off any surplus with a knife.


6. Apply a 1st layer of acrylic paint when the product is dry. Apply a 2nd layer of acrylic paint when the product is dry (+1 day)


Solutions for Better Living

Novelio Commercial


  • Offers flexibility in design and finish options
  • The natural choice for durability, safety, and indoor air quality
  • Better than Class A fire rating
Novelio Healthcare


  • Color and texture for feelings of warmth and comfort
  • Durability for high traffic areas
  • Ease of maintenance, cost-effective
Novelio project Schools


  • Highly durable and repairable
  • Better than Class A fire rating
  • Eco-friendly, PVC free, no harmful substances
Novelio Installation Rosen Hotel FL


  • Renovation cost savings for hotel owners
  • Durable, easy to maintain
  • Repaint when ready to redecorate
  • Mold and mildew resistant
Novelio Residential


  • Easy to install and paint
  • Repaint when redecorating
  • Eco-friendly, PVC free, no harmful substances


Join Thousands of Customers Worldwide using Glass Textile Wallcoverings

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Riverside Hotel, FL

Novelio Project Rosen Hotel FL

Rosen Hotels, FL

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Lehman College, NY

Commercial Facilities

  • Astra Pharmaceutical, MA
  • CNA Insurance, NY & MD
  • Illinois State Museum, IL
  •  Nestle, CA


  • American University, Washington DC
  • Pompano Beach Middle School, FL
  • Lehman College, NY


  • Best Western, Nationwide
  • Best Western, Halland Hotel Sweden
  • Chateau des Bell Monnaie France
  • HS Hotsson Hotel, Mexico
  • Riverside Hotel, FL
  • Rosen Hotels, FL


  • Baptist Regional Medical Center, KY
  • Bergen Regional Medical Center, NJ
  • Glenwood Regional Medical Center, LA
  • LSU Medical Center, LA
  • Manukau Superclinic, New Zealand