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Established in 1990

Decotone Antibacterial High Pressure Laminates

Antibacterial Decorative HPL

Now distributed by Roos International

Bacteria, germs and virus are spread simply when people speak, touch, sneeze or cough. These disease carrying droplets land on the common surfaces we interact with, such as tables and work surfaces. Decotone’s Antibacterial laminates can be used for a variety of applications including: partitions, walls, doors, tops, and cabinets. These laminates are produced in a wide range of solid colors, wood grains, patterns and pearlescent designs. Antibacterial laminates can be used in hospitals, clinics, schools, restaurants and locker rooms. Due to its non-porous composition it is resistant to bacteria and easy to clean providing protection against bacteria, molds, yeast, and fungus. These surfaces are also proven against germs and some viruses.

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