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Alfa Collection

Alfa 4000
Alfa 4010
Alfa 4020
Alfa 4040
Alfa 4050
Alfa 4060
Alfa 4090
Alfa 4110
Alfa 4120
Alfa 4150
Alfa 4160
Alfa 4170
Alfa 4200
Alfa 4220
Alfa 4230
Alfa 4260
Alfa 4270
Alfa 4300

Technical Sheet

Pigmented – Corrected grain – Through dyeing aniline
Thickness   0.9 – 1.1 mm
28 colors available
Chrome tanned bull hides with European origin

Color Fastness

Dry rub fastness – 1,000 cycles
Wet rub fastness – 250 cycles
Alkaline perspiration rub fastness – 80 cycles
Fastness to light
Test Method
UNI EN ISO 11640
UNI EN ISO 11640
UNI EN ISO 11640
UNI EN ISO 105-B02
≥ 4 Grey Scale
≥ 4 Grey Scale
≥ 4 Grey Scale
≥ 6 Blue Scale

Physical Characteristics

Tear Strength
Adhesion of finishing – Dry
Flex Resistance – 50,000 cycles
Test Method
UNI EN ISO 3377-1
UNI EN ISO 11644
UNI EN ISO 5402-1
≥ 20 N
≥ 2 N/10mm
No cracks


Cigarette test – Match test
Cigarette Ignition Resistance
FS191 Method 5903- Port Authority of NY & NJ
IMO Resolution A.652 (16)
California TB 117 Section E
Test Method
UNI EN 1021-1 – UNI EN 1021-2
On Demand

Cleaning and Maintenance

Avoid placing leather in direct sun
Keep the leather away from direct heat
Dust regularly with a soft and dry cloth
Spots can be cleaned with a lightly damp cloth and mild soap
Dry immediately after the treatment
Do not rub. Use a light circular motion working toward the center of the stain