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Established in 1990

Movie Lounge


Designer: In loving memory of Bruce Merenda, Studio B Design Concepts, Inc. 

Location: MovieLounge, Fort Smith, AR.

Featuring: Interlam Elements, Nazca Design.

Description: Interlam Meets Hollywood Glamour

“The Interlam Nazca product was integral in the overall design scheme of MovieLounge, Fort Smith, AR. Evoking the criss-crossing of Hollywood searchlights, it set the tone for the entire project. Interlam is a stylish and versatile product that Studio B Design Concepts, Inc. uses on many of their projects.”

Nominal Panel Size: 48″ x 96″

Pattern Depth: 0.49″

Panel Thickness: 0.75″

Pattern Type: 4 Piece Repeating Panel Set

Notes: Available in standard 48″ x 96″ panel size.

Pattern direction non-applicable.