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Interlam Barnwood Veneers

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Interlam Barnwood Veneers

Interlam Barnwood Veneers

Introducing Interlam Barnwood Veneers as an alternative to the heft and the cost of solid pieces of reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is a favorite material among designers and their clients thanks to its timelessness and rustic appeal. However, the material can sometimes price itself out of a project, or it can simply not be a practical solution due to its heft and size.

Interlam, one of the nation’s leading manufacturer of sculpted wall panels, has introduced their new Barnwood Wood Veneers series as an alternative solution for when a project’s logistics or budget do not allow for authentic reclaimed wood.

Interlam’s Barnwood Real Wood Veneers have the same beauty and character as the real thing because they ARE the real thing… just thinner! Instead of working with a thick panel of wood, Barnwood Veneers are a slim 1mm. Sheet size is 4’ by 8’.

Learn more about this new material and check out the product specs by visiting (link here)