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Future Hotel Design Inspiration

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Future Hotel Design Inspiration

Those of us a certain age may remember having to visit the video store to rent a movie.  And some of us may even have thought then:  “I bet someday I’ll be able to just click a button on my TV and be able to watch my movie at home.”

Ideas for the future usually seem far-fetched and far off, but then get here faster than actually expected.  Think about the idea of robot bartenders, self-driving cars and taxis, and packages being delivered by drones.

It’s all happening now.

And there’s been lots written about the Internet of Things (IoT) in regards to the home environment and high-tech linking of devices.  But what about when you are traveling?  Hotels can serve as a home-away-from-home, but as technology advances forward to create a more comfortable home environment, how can hotels keep up and maintain the ‘wow’ factor?

Hotels.com partnered with futurist, author, & visionary business advisor Dr. James Canton of the Institute for Global Futures– a leading innovation and technology consultant for Global Fortune 500 companies– on a study entitled Hotels of the Future.

10 trends were identified in the study as likely for future travelers:

  1. Robotic Butlers

    Royal Caribbean made a real splash with the robot bartenders, but one step farther would be robotic butlers or concierges. These robots would be programmed with different languages for global guests; have special skills and information to assist travelers; be able to make reservations and perhaps simply supply companionship.  And of course the robot would be available 24/7.

  2. Custom hotel configuration

    Nanotechnology could allow for transforming an existing hotel structure into something completely different—based on consumer feedback. That means not only lighting and fixtures—but the entire interior design that could change.

  3. 3D printers

    This could go way beyond replacing a forgotten toothbrush. Shoes, clothes, perhaps even a computer, all generated on-demand with a 3D printer. Hotel guests could design desired items on demand and download the plans from the cloud to be printed on-demand.

  4. Neurotechnology for a better night’s sleep

    Many travelers who have had trouble sleeping in a strange bed have had to rely on the sleep mask, white sound generator, and perhaps lavender oil for aromatherapy. But imagine being able to program your very dreams? Neurotechnology has the promise of working with the brain itself to help enhance relaxation, learning, or simply a good night of needed rest.

  5. Genetic Medicine in Hotel Spas

    Getting a genetic heredity report is commonplace now, but imagine being a hotel guest and getting genetically personalized spa treatments to enhance your health and help you understand potential future health risks.

  6. High tech and high speed transfers to the hotel

    It’s like Blade Runner without the urban decay: self-driving vehicles, HyperLoop-One, and supersonic air travel to cover long distances in just seconds. The traveler of the future can be whisked right to their hotel in record time.

  7. Fingerprint Security

    Forget the credit card? No problem, your highly individual fingerprint can be used to confirm identity and make payments and/or set up a charge account when checking in.

  8. Hotels Beyond Eco-Friendly

    The hotel of the future can go beyond being simply “eco-friendly” but rather enter the world of being fully sustainable. Solar and geothermal energy can be used to satisfy guest needs while producing a carbon-neutral footprint.

  9. You Are What You Eat DNA Meals

    DNA-customized meals for guests can be served like regular gourmet fare, but be scientifically based to improve health, maximize nutrition, and enhance overall health.

  10. Immersive and Virtual Reality Hotels

    Imagine a Westworld-like fully interactive hotel. Near-human androids, story lines, and locations that mimic historical locations and allow customers to interact in real time… it’s all possible in the future!

And speaking of the future and how it will be designed—did you know that Roos International has been fostering what is new and innovative with 30 years of Design Inspiration?

The architectural and design communities look to Roos for the latest and greatest materials, ideas, tools & guidance to help transform visions of the future into reality.

There’s even a section of the Roos website devoted to what is new in interior and architectural design materials which you can find here.  And if you want to transform the blah and humbug present into the future with ease, take a look at this latest product from NuDoor:

If you have a door that looks old and awful transform it quickly with NuDoor facings.  The new look on your doors helps reinvigorate the entire space—it’s like an affordable facelift for your space!

Nu-Door is an innovative new resurfacing option that combines a pre-applied adhesive to a High Pressure Laminate (HPL) that will quickly and easily update doors and other surfaces.  NuDoor facings can be applied to a many assorted existing substrates– and on both vertical AND horizontal surfaces.  Painless, economical and effective—update indoor fixtures, cabinetry, furniture, doors, elevators (like in your own hotel!) and other surfaces that seem tired and in need of a new look.

Roos makes it easy to design and create your own project with beautiful products, downloadable technical datasheets and application examples online.

The future can be written today.  So come and tell your own story, with the largest selection of decorative surfacing materials for walls, surfaces, and ceilings all in one place.

30 years of Design Inspiration.

Roos International.