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Recycled Leather Veneers for Cabinetry Components and Wall Panels

Ecodomo’s Andeline Recycled Leather Veneer – RLV™ – is available in industry standard 4×8 sheet for ease of integration in manufacturing. It is also available laminated on 4mm panels – the same thickness as glass.

You can design and manufacture with confidence with EcoDomo RLV™ to integrate leather on cabinet doors, furniture inserts, and vanities from commercial to residential. A vast majority value, connect with and simply love leather for their cars, personal accessories, or furniture. EcoDomo panels can also be made acoustical!

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Elegantly Engineered to Last

EcoDomo recycled leathers are in thousands of residential AND commercial demanding installations worldwide. Millions of monthly users go through restaurants and shops where spills and bumps occur with no impact on the recycled leather finish. EcoDomo’s raw material is an eco-friendly byproduct of the leather industry. Like wood veneer made from compressed paper, the product is composed of vegetable-tanned leather remnants that are pulverized and mixed with small amounts of tree bark and natural latex. A final layer of resin renders the product highly impervious to wear and tear. These recycled leathers are durable and engineered to last.

Available in a wide range of colors and textures from stock or custom made within a reasonable time frame.

3 Beautiful Collections


Avant Garde

Available from stock

Black Knight

Available from stock


Available from stock


Available from stock

Grey Stone

Available from stock


Available from stock


Available from stock

Coming soon.

Silver Star

Available from stock


Available from stock


Available from stock

Coming soon.

Maple Buffalo

Available from stock

Maple Shagreen

Available from stock

Maple Standard

Available from stock

Midnight Buffalo

Available from stock

Midnight Shagreen

Midnight Standard

Available from stock

Sand Buffalo

Available from stock

Sand Shagreen

Sand Standard

Available from stock

Bianco Buffalo

Bianco Crocodile

Bianco Walrus

Winter Cordova

Bianco Jumbo Croc

Casino Royal Buffalo

Casino Royal Crocodile

Casino Royal Walrus

Gold Buffalo

Grizzly Chablis

Ivory Buffalo

Ivory Crocodile

Ivory Walrus

Pearl Shagreen

Pearl Western

Pearl White Buffalo

Pearl White Natural

Urban Taupe Natural

Wheat Cordova

Caramel Milano

Hot Orange Milano

Toffee Buffalo

Toffee Crocodile

Toffee Walrus

Antique Grey Buffalo

Available from stock

Antique Grey Crocodile

Antique Grey Walrus

Cream Buffalo

Driftwood Buffalo

Gold Grey Metallic

Grey Thunder Buffalo

Grey Thunder Crocodile

Grey Thunder Walrus

La Paloma Grey Buffalo

Available from stock

La Paloma Grey Crocodile

Moon Buffalo

Moon Crocodile

Moonrock Walrus

Urban Grey

Emerald Buffalo

Emerald Crocodile

Emerald Rustic

Emerald Walrus

Limestone Buffalo

Money Talks Buffalo

Sage Buffalo

Thunder Storm Buffalo

Blue Metallic Buffalo

Blue Walrus

Coastal Buffalo

Coastal Crocodile

Coastal Walrus

Eggplant Buffalo

Lucia Cordova

Navy Blue Natural

Carrier Red Natural

Cartier Red Buffalo

Cartier Red DC

Fire Buffalo

Fire Crocodile

Available from stock

Fire Natural

Fire Walrus

Java Buffalo

Java Walrus

Java Crocodile

Red Oak Natural Milano

Red Elizabeth Natural


Cognac Buffalo

Cordovan Milano

Cordovan Natural

Merlot Jumbo Croc

Purple Buffalo

Auburn Alligator

Chestnut Buffalo

Chestnut Walrus

Chocolate Buffalo

Chocolate Crocodile

Available from stock

Chocolate Walrus

Copper Mini Crop

Grizzly Hazelnut

Nutmeg Buffalo

Hazelnut Buffalo

Bobby Brown


Mahogany Basket Weave

Mahogany Buffalo

Mahogany Cobra

Mahogany Natural HC

Mahogany Rustic

Mahogany Walrus

Available from stock

Maroon Himalayan Goat

Mini Gator Sienna

Mink Cordova

Mink Walrus

Urban Brown Buffalo

Urban Brown DC

Urban Brown Distressed

Urban Brown Walrus

Molson 50 Natural

Antique Black Buffalo

Antique Black Walrus

Available from stock

Bourbon Jumbo Croc

Coal Buffalo

Available from stock

Coal Crocodile

Available from stock

Coal Walrus

Cool Walrus Matte

Domino Milano

Ebony Buffalo

Ebony Jumbo Croc

Grizzly Noir

Grizzly Sable

Midnight Natural

Nigrine Cordova

Urban Noir

Ebony Crocodile

Choose your style

Infinity Style

✓ Leather on the front

✓ Leather on the sides

✓ Leather on the back

Penta Style

✓ Leather on the front

✓ Leather on the sides

✓ Melamine back of similar color


Kensington Style

✓ Leather on the front

✓ Leather on the sides

✓ 2″ leather back only

✓ MDF exposed on the back

✓ Suitable for use with drawer box

✓ Economical

Laminated Leathers

All EcoDomo leathers are available laminated onto panels made of MDF or plywood. Use our RLV™ laminated panels in manufacturing as any other laminated sheet. They are laminated at their own facility with a press on the appropriate substrate for your application. You can choose any of the following services from us in addition to the leather:

EcoDomo stocks a unique 2.3 mm thick MDF to make RLV™ leather panels the same thickness as glass. These panels are used easily as components for designers and manufacturers in doors, cabinetry, or specialty applications.

Belt Panels

EcoDomo’s Phoenix Collection is entirely made of used leather belts which have been collected from second hand stores and donations from partners. All the belts show wear and have a history. The belts are sorted by size, color, and style before being cleaned and processed for application on panels. Available in black, brown, or multi-color, the Phoenix belt panels make a whimsical and gorgeous statement. Installation is easy and similar to acoustic panels.

Product Details

  • Maximum size for a single panel 5′ x 12′
  • Customize up to 10% of a color accent within a panel.
  • Available as panels or complete finished product such as a headboard or a framed piece of art.
  • ASTM E-84 Class “A” fire rated available.





1/2″ curved

Available in:

  • Black, brown, or mixed colors.
  • Horizontal or vertical alignment.
  • Woven or mixed with hide or recycled leather.

Leather Flooring

EcoDomo is suitable for flooring, as they have a density similar to Red Oak and a wear layer similar to quality hardwood floors. EcoDomo floors have been installed in hotel floors, office lobbies, all types of residences and climates worldwide.

Installation of recycled leather floors in tiles and planks is as easy as carpet tiles, floating floors, or resilient floors. Suitable for light commercial traffic and all non-wet areas of the house.

EcoDomo recycled leathers are similar to hardwood in density and maintenance and add a unique elegant touch to kitchens.