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Established in 1990

30 Years of Design Inspiration

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30 Years of Design Inspiration

30 Years of Design Inspiration

There’s a famous quote attributed to President Calvin Coolidge that says in part:

…unrewarded genius is almost a proverb…

He was talking about the importance of persistence.  And certainly many a great idea has been derailed due to lack of follow-through.  

This is echoed by Thomas Edison, quoted in the September 1932 edition of Harper’s Bazaar as saying:  

Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration

Again—how important it is to ‘stick with it.’

But those of a creative nature who’ve navigated an idea from their point of inspiration to actual creation will understand there is more to it. Translating what was a personal vision into reality can mean encountering and having to overcome obstacle after obstacle.  And sometimes, unfortunately, there’s not enough help and support along the way in the timeframe needed and inspiration– like genius– goes unrewarded.

Success stories are by and large always backed up with less famous stories—mostly untold stories of inspiration and support.  

Success stories are by and large always backed up with less famous stories—mostly untold stories of inspiration and support.  For instance, Calvin Coolidge did indeed grow up to become President.  But along the way, he benefitted from instruction from his storekeeper father in learning the skills of a merchant.  And while he was only a fair student in his elementary school days, once he was surrounded by the intellectual climate of the prestigious Amherst College, he blossomed over his four years and graduated cum laude in 1895.

And nothing to be taken away from Edison and his persistence, but someone attended to his life outside the laboratory.  And that someone was his wife Mina Miller Edison.  Never heard of her?   Curiously enough, she was the daughter of a millionaire inventory herself.  While her husband Thomas invented, she hired and supervised the staff—and it was she, not her husband—who owned their home.

So Presidents and inventors have been inspired and supported.  Now imagine what might have been lost had Anton Mauve not provided instruction and a set of watercolors to his cousin, the aspiring artist now known to the world as Vincent Van Gogh.  Or if Leonardo da Vinci had not had Isabella d’Este, the intellectually gifted Renaissance noblewoman whose patronage is documented in thousands of letters.  Or if the professors and students at Black Mountain College in North Carolina hadn’t been there to help an architect with a vision to reinvent a structure that would come to be synonymous with his name:   Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic dome.

Sometimes it is one person and sometimes a group of people that help inspire others to greatness.  And occasionally, some of those people become known for it. That is where Roos International comes in.

Roos International has fostered 30 years of Design Inspiration.  Our purpose for being is fostering the vision of the architectural and design communities, and helping transform it into reality.  Inspiring material selection is made easy, with the tools and guidance you need to breathe life into your project.

For Architects, Contractors, & Interior Designers—inspiration is your stock in trade.  

Clients who demand a signature look that is singular and far removed from the cookie cutter.  They expect something different—something new and exciting.  They want to work with someone that understands their likes and their loves—someone to tell their unique story.  And this story will be written for the ages, in solid materials to last..

Come to Roos International and surround yourself with ideas that inspire innovation.

Like laminated glass architectural panels.  Transform a wall.  Divide a room.  Create a striking counter top.  The ideas are nearly endless.  And rest assured that those who see these panels in a finished project will admire the richness and clarity of the design, with a sense of depth and shine that is unrivaled.

Roos refines your ease of inspiration and design with these panels made available via an online gallery that showcases the 34 patterns.  Plus downloadable, easy-to-follow instructions about how to specify and install.  This type of help is exclusive to Roos International, as are these Laminated Glass Systems from Interlam.   

And that’s only one example.  There are thousands of interior and architectural stories waiting to be told.  Come craft your own, with the largest selection of decorative surfacing materials for walls and ceilings all in one place.

30 years of Design Inspiration.