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11 New Nature-Inspired Laminate Designs

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Lab Designs Desert Greys

11 New Nature-Inspired Laminate Designs

Lab Designs Logo

11 new nature-inspired laminates

From Lab Designs High Pressure Laminates

Celebrating the beauty of Lab Designs new nature-inspired laminate collection, offering a palette of western woods and desert greys. These laminates create an authentic aesthetic, giving you the ability to create spaces with design impact.

Western Woods

Lab Designs Inspirational Photo

These captivating laminates take you to an era of the Old West reminiscent of cowboys roaming a land of canyons, hidden oases, and sweeping panoramas.

Lab Designs Western Laminates

Indian Summer WC463 HG, Petrified Canyon WC442 HG, Western Plains WC456 HG, Painted Desert Dark WA055 HG, Montana Black Pine WC446 HG

Desert Greys

Lab Designs Inspirational Photo

You don’t have to endure 100-degree heat to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the desert. These nature-inspired laminates create a true desert vibe for those seeking an earthen inspiration, making any design as cool as desert nights!

Lab Designs Desert Greys

Hypnotic Walnut WA057 HG, Painted Desert WA053 HG, Wyoming Frontier WC438 HG & M, Western Elegance WC473 HG & M

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Product Highlights:

  • Comes in exact finishes
  • Sheet sizes: 4′ x 8′ (stocked), some available in 4′ x 10′ (special order)
  • Thickness: .9 mm post forming grade
  • Standard Fire Rating Class B – Class A special order
  • Can be treated for IMO
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